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Guest Post: 4 Enterprising Aids for Improved Collaboration Over Freelance Work

More and more people are opting to work as freelancers as it allows them to work with more flexibility and freedom. But freelancing has its share of challenges. A freelancer operating from the confines of his home has difficulty in maintaining transparent communication with his remotely based clients and other important people. He may find it difficult to grasp various work related instructions, client specifications, etc. This can affect quality of his work or lead to delayed deliveries which does not augur well for his reputation. This might make it difficult for him to get future assignments and projects from his clients. For improved communication and collaboration over work and business related matters, freelancers need to use the right tools. Using online collaboration software can be a huge help in maintaining fast and effective communication between freelancers and their clients, others. This will get translated into improved productivity besides saving time, costs and effort for them.

Here are four enterprising collaboration tools for achieving smoother and speedier communication and enhanced organization over work. Freelancers can review these and choose the one that suits them the best.



This leading project management application enables enhanced management and collaboration over projects. It can be managed in a simple manner. All tasks, schedules and other important project information is located at a single centralized place, so every team member is on the same page over a project. They remain better updated over various activities happening in it. Access of members to various project items can be controlled by setting different access permissions for them. Messages and comments are used for communicating over project matters. With better management, projects can be delivered on time.



Using this online collaboration and project management tool, projects can be properly planned and organized. Team members working over projects are able to communicate fast and conveniently over project matters and resolve them in least time. Milestones and events can be elaborately defined, tracked, timely conducted and achieved. Files can be stored, viewed and accessed easily. Progress made over projects can be accurately measured through Gantt charts. Designers can elicit rapid and accurate feedback over designs from their remotely located clients through online proofing tool. Quite useful for freelancers working over design projects.



This tool enables team members to work together in a flexible manner without using emails. As their ideas, conversations and tasks are kept together, they can achieve more with least effort. This improves their efficiency. It boosts organization over teams and projects. Tasks can be better managed and executed. Members are well informed about activities happening in projects. They can smoothly communicate with each other over work related matters. Milestones can be effectively achieved by setting priorities and due dates for tasks and adequately communicating to members about them.



This enterprising tool enhances organization at work, so productivity of team members gets boosted. It enhances a business’s collaboration with its team members and clients. The need to conduct meetings over work related matters gets significantly reduced, saving enough time, cost and effort for a business. Team members can flexibly work together from any remote location in the world. Members are more accountable for their work. Access of individuals to various tasks and other items can be restricted through lock-down feature. Management over tasks, files and projects gets improved. Time can be productively utilized in a project. Projects can be better planned, rescheduled and visualized through Gantt charts.

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