Forgetting Big Data

Time to time we hear fearful talks of people about big data, as if it is a disastrous mess. It is always described as complex problem to handle. However big data itself has a beginning and an end. Here and there we hear people talking about what they think of big data. The way they…

Why Clouds will go Open Source?

Speed, flexibility and customization are Big Three causes why companies invest in Cloud Computing. Some technical aspects do not let Cloud players create an open development environment for Cloud computing. An open source code, especially in Linux, includes all these principles. After 20 years of using Linux we understand the advantages of open source code….

Penetrating Cloud Software

There are a lot of discussions about which of the cloud file storage better than others. But what if you try to invent a personal decision for synchronization and backup, with all the leading products at once. What if you would like to take advantage of each of the services to provide all your custom…

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