NoSQL Database by Oracle is now available

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Happy to announce, that a new Oracle NoSQL Database, is now available for everyone.  You can download it off the Oracle Technology Network today.

This modern Database provides customers with ability to easily manage ponderous amounts of data with moving schemas, for example web log data, smart meter and sensor data, data for personalization, and data gathered specially by social networks.

Using a simple key-value of data model, easy, comprehensible and scalable Oracle’s Database’s facilitates and effective storage of information in a simple, flexible compact format, it’s ideally suited for fast application development and logical deployment of apps.

A lot of current NoSQL offerings make the process of writing applications complicated by providing only the “eventual consistency,” where different copies of documents are “eventually” chosen. The responsibility for generating code appears to be left to handle full consistency with the application programmer. On the opposite, Oracle NoSQL Database filters consistency and suggests developers adjustable consistency options to satisfy different application demands.

Being leveraged by Oracle’s expertise in entrepreneurship data operating management and back grounded by Oracle’s leading simultaneous support, last NoSQL Database is at the same time easier to install, update and operate than many competitive software solutions.

Oracle is also going to work out a new engineered system, the Oracle Big Data Appliance, that is believed to become an optimized platform for the Oracle NoSQL Database running and other Big Data Oracle offers.

Oracle still stays the only supplier to provide a continuous value chain for obtaining, organizing and detecting Big Data. This gives customers ability to maximize the amount of Big Data inside their enterprise.

More Effective Storage of High-Volume, Dynamic Data

Let’s underline some benefits of Oracle Database:

Commercial-Grade Software and Commercial Support: this Database is quick, flexible, reliable, and has an easy installation configuration. Having a strong Oracle Support, NoSQL Database also provides customers with trouble-shooting contacts and offers continuous availability for criticize database instances.

Scalable output and confined latency: Oracle Database adjusts almost linearly to any scales, giving users distinct, high performance maintained by a wide variety of workloads and cases.

Interesting Quote

“Oracle NoSQL Database appears to be a key feature of Oracle’s Big Data strategy,” Andrew Mendelsohn noted, vice president of Oracle Server Technologies. “Because of customers demand to manage the huge massive of information from new and growing sources, such as sensor, Web, mobile apps and social networks, Oracle is used for help them to unlock the value of this information by offering a comprehensible, scalable and reliable NoSQL database environment.”

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      March 5, 2012 @ 11:09 am Mahmoud

      Its funny reading your pain. I have gone ougthrh this before.I concur with Allen. You’d think the enterprise manager would be much like SQL 2000 s enterprise manager and be able to do much of this stuff easier. It is good for some things, but for a database copy like this you really want to look at setting up import/export scripts for the more easily manageable databases. Once you have scripts setup, it becomes much faster and easier.-CP


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