Make your photo without spoilsports

What about to discuss photography a bit? You know that nowadays making photo is a simple thing. Many mobile devices can boast quite nice and smart camera onboard. There are also numerous armies of digital photo cameras in the world, which are able to make quality pictures even without too much knowledge of the photography’ fundamentals. However, everyone could come up against photo-spoilers; they are people who spoil the background of pictures with your participation.

We may struggle against these spoilsports, for example, wait a couple of minutes until the background of future photo will be clear or try to play a bit with the zoom and camera’ position in the space. We think the best way for solving this problem is a special algorithm, which is able to remove undesirable persons from the frame. This solution is called Scalado Remove and this one can take out the spoilers of pictures.

Here we suggest watching a short video to understand how it works. The photographer should only tap the screen on the moving spoilers and they will leave the frame in this case. The basic idea of Scalado Remove is quite simple. The algorithm analyzes the background of each frame and finds there changes. As a rule, the background of picture is a static object and consequently moving things are unnecessary. So, Scalado’ algorithm removes them and makes the finished picture without spoilers.

Yes, you’re right, Scalado Remove isn’t a perfect algorithm for making your photos ideal. You should feed some frames into a camera for forcing the program to work most correctly and try to take pictures without lots of spoilers. Finally do not forget about the existence of photo editors.

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      April 7, 2012 @ 10:40 am Oved

      hy guys .. i’m doing an augmented rielaty project and i’m very confused .. how to put there code to web server ..i had to put all code to web server but they don’t work :(may bey you can help me for this problem ..thanks


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