7 Stages of Software Development Cycle

software developmentThis is the time when latest technology pushes the evolution of virtually every field. Today most business and personal activities rely on the work of computer systems which need to provide accurate, proper and reliable results so that people can trust them.

The development of computer software empowering the automated systems is not a simple task. It involves hard work, dedication and expertise in software development. Software development process is lengthy and needs a step-by-step techniques following.

The software development cycle contains the 7 following steps:

  1. Planning

To start developing software one needs some planning. First, the developer should understand the clients’ requirements, namely, what exactly they want and what issues can occur in the development process. It’s critical to understand each aspect of clients’ requirements.

  1. Feasibility study

At this step, the developer should check the project’s feasibility. He needs to define whether it’s feasible in terms such of cost, time, functioning, reliability etc.

  1. Product design

The software design is the major aspect in software development process. Design should be creative and clear. It involves overall product design along with data structure and database design. Software designing uses many different strategies.

  1. Coding

This is the critical aspect of software development cycle. Programmers use effective and simple coding methods at this stage. Coding is performed according to the project design.

  1. Implementation and Integration

Normally software contains a great number of programs which require careful implementation and step-by-step integration of the software product.

  1. Testing

This step is considered the main stage in software development. Before the launch, a product needs verification which includes software testing and debugging done by testers.

  1. Installation and Maintenance

Finally, the software is handed over to the clients to be installed on their devices. After the installation, if the client needs any modification, the product is to come under the maintenance process.

The featured stages of software development procedure are followed by the majority of IT companies in order to provide high-quality services in the development of all sorts of software.

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