Core Features of Cloud Computing Strategy


Cloud computing is represented by computing method that is based on Internet, where the computers are supplied with software, information shared resources and other devices such as an electricity grid. Cloud computing determines a newly supplement, consumption and delivery model for IT services or information technology that are mainly based on internet. Cloud Computing involves provision of virtualized and scalable resources as a service to internet.

The infrastructure of cloud computing is commonly based on cloud drawings to present the telephone network system which has been used in past. Later on cloud computing was employed to represent internet in computer networking diagrams for an underlying infrastructure. General online business applications are delivered from providers of cloud computing that are accessed from other software, for example web service or web browser. The software and data in cloud computing are stored on servers.

Cloud Computing Characteristics

In general cloud computing consumers consume resources as a service and pay only for the consumption that they have used up. A consumer of cloud computing avoids expenditures on basis of capital by renting deployment from 3d party provider. Autonomous computing represents one of the characteristics of cloud computing that denotes that computer systems possess the capability of self management.


Behind cloud computing development Amazon has played an important part through making its data centres modernized. For representation of telephone network system cloud computing is based on cloud computing drawings. In 2007, IBM, Google and a great number of industries involved them in a big scale computing research project. In the mid of 2008 Gartner decides to shape the relations among IT service consumers, those who makes use of IT services and those who sell it which will arise outstanding increase of IT products in some fields.

Core Features

  1. For all consumers clouds commonly appear as a single computing access that is based on computing needs of consumers.
  1. Cloud computing cost is considerably reduced. A consumer of cloud computing evades expenses in terms of capital by means of renting usage from 3d party provider. The infrastructure is supplied by 3d party and it is not necessary to be bought for one time.
  1. Cloud computing infrastructures chiefly comprises of some trustworthy services that are transformed by means of data centres built on servers.
  1. Cloud computing possess the feature of location and device freedom that empowers users to access while deploying web browser irrespective of their location.

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          I’m not sure I can agree with you at all on cost, all current rigeofnfs are 2-3x more expensive than if you did it myself, which is a major expense. You are paying for the same things they are paying for, with less of a break for less bulk, but the services still have to be paid for. Then they charge you a surcharge of top of those services.All cloud rigeofnfs are significantly more expensive than if I ran those operations physically myself.As for total automation, I dont believe any of the current service rigeofnfs come close to my definition of this. Single admins could run a lot in physical environments as well (I’ve done 200-500 machines by myself a number of times over the years), but without needing to deal with the physical boxes and having decent provisioning made this easier for more single admins to do.However, the overall quality of the systems, in terms of performance and reliability compared to cost is down significantly, it is just covered up by it coming up faster. More failures, with faster recovery times due to not needing to set up physical replacement machines.IMO: SaaS/PaaS + Utility Computing (EC2-like) = Cloud Computing, for a good enough definition, not that definitions are the most important part.Anyone, I like where we are going, but we are in a low point at the moment, not a high point. It’ll get better as APIs evolve into covering all the cases that are required, which they current miss in a number of areas.


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